Current Job Openings

    About Jambro:

    Jambro is a Singapore based music startup on a mission to disrupt the monopolized global music industry. The Jambro app connects, enables and empowers the global music community of over 2 billion musicians and music enthusiasts. Along with the app, Jambro is active in musical collaborations with artists from around the world and organizing musical events and programs.

    Why Jambro?

    There are a number of things that make Jambro a great place to work:

    • If you love music, this is a dream job. Period.
    • You’ll get to work alongside a closeknit team of experienced professionals.
    • Collaborative work environment with free flow of ideas.
    • Opportunity to work in-depth on a single product rather than shipping products one after the other and compromising on quality.
    • Opportunity to travel with the team to Singapore and beyond and eventually even be relocated to Jambro’s head quarters in Singapore.
    • We’re a small team, each individual is an integral part of the team and is treated accordingly.

    Focus on excellence, quality and innovation rather than a hostile deadline driven approach.